Myth: Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster for the Armed Forces, he does not even show respect at the Cenotaph.

Fact: Jeremy Corbyn was the ONLY MP that stayed after the Remembrance Day march to talk to veterans and to discuss their cares and concerns. He was escorted by a veteran he is great friends with: you may remember the Sun and other papers taking photos of him, cropping out the veteran, and making it look as though Mr Corbyn was dancing to the occasion. Now who is showing disrespect?

Mr Corbyn is the ONLY Labour leader, or ex-leader, to publicly apologise for the deaths of serving personnel in the Iraq war. He has gone on record as stating that our armed forces deserve the best equipment and support if they are to be sent into danger. He is on record deriding the insufficient care given to wounded and disabled veterans.

After the Cenotaph Remembrance Mr Corbyn travelled to his constituency to attend the local Remembrance Parade there. You may remember the derision with which the Conservative MPs and mainstream media treated him when he did not go on to the after-event freebie dinner.

Make up your own mind. Find out the true facts.

Sun and Mail Online both take down stories claiming Jeremy Corbyn was ‘dancing a jig’ on way to Cenotaph

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